About Us

Company information

Bellingham Telecommunications was set up in 2009,  our core business is providing numbering solutions to carriers and content providers around the world. We run a fully redundant switching platform with 2 independant voice switches, which integrate with our IVR cluster. One of our key advantages is high quality content such as EPL Football, Horse Racing & Chat services which are offered in multiple languages.

We also design and Project Manage Voice, Data & Software solutions for other organisations. We have consulted on archietecture for numerous projects in Africa and the Middle East ranging from xDSL deployments to International Voice Gateways. 

Our switching platform is colocated in the Telehouse North and Telcity Soverign House Data centres which provide highly resillient Power, Internet and International Connectivity. Our  Switching platform is built using equipment from Cisco Systems, Dell and Netgear. 

As a Voice Over IP (VoIP) provider our data connectivity is key to our operation, we run our own BGP servers and have our own IP address allocation from RIPE. This means that rather than reliying on IP connectivity from a single provider we have 3 x 1 Gbps fibre connections in to the internet. 

Where our Experience Lies

Numbering Solutions: We provide access numbers of all kinds both within the UK and internationally. These numbers include; FIxed Line, Non Geographical, Free to Call & Premium Rate.

International Wholesale: With over 50 carrier interconnects to everything from Tier 1 Carriers all the way to small operators with niche routes to a single destination. We can provide 3 grades of routing, i) Premium, FUll CLI, ii) Silver, Digital NonCLI. Same quality as Premium but with CLI disabled, iii) Bronze, Non CLI best quality possible at highly competitive rates.

Bespoke IVR solutions, we work with everyone from a psychic ofering horroscopes on a 50p per minute number to a mobile operator looking to offer value added content to it's subscriber base. We offer value added content such as EPL Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, Chat rooms, Horrorscopes. If you would like to earn extra revenue from your existing customer base click here for more information.

Social Networking: Our whit lable platform offers your customers all the features that you will find onSkype or Whats App. These include Video Calling, Voice calling, Text messages with emoticons, FIle transfer, Encryption and many more. 


Working with Bellingham has allowed us to  concentrate on going out there are winning business without having to worry about the service delivery. With Bellingham's IVR solution we have been able to go out and sell Value Added Services directly to some of the worlds largest Networks.

Richard Jeffries - London