Calling Cards

Set up your own calling card Business

If you would like to run your own calling card, we can provide you with all the tools that you will need to start your own operation.

  • Management portal: showing revnues, profits, stats, CDRs, PIN/Batch activation, user management
  • Customer portal: with call records, payment history, online payments.
  • Anti Fraud: our software detects suspicious patterns preventing you from substantial losses.
  • Least cost routing: select which route your busy destinations are using
  • SIP software: for making calls from iPhone, Android, PC etc.
  • Advice: on the does and don't of running your business.
  • Distributor Managment: Track liabilities for PINS issued to Distributors. 
  • Prepay Capability: Distributors can either prepay or be set credit limts. Cards are disabled when limit is reached.
We offer you full training on how to get your business off the ground and will be there at the end of a phone should you need us.

Call Routing

We can offer you a choice of either Gold routing over BT or Bronze routing over low cost carriers to maximise your margins. 

Call quality is always a tough decision, cheap routes will give you higher margins and more minutes but they will increase the number of complaints to your customer services line. Whereas high quality routes will mean your card is more expensive. Most regular calling card customers  are looking for a product which offers a balance between high quality and price. We can create a set of routes for you that will satisfy this type of client.

How it works

It is a very easy process which can you usually get you up and running in about 1 week.

  • Decide how much credit you wish to have added to your account. 
  • Select the quality of your suppliers for outbound call routing.
  • Rates, maybe focus on a region like Africa and offer low prices with higher rates to rest of the world.
  • Next decide what denomination you want your calling cards to be. 
  • We will create PIN batches for you at each price. These get printed on the scratch off strip on each card
We can point you in the direction of specialist printer with experience of calling cards. Once you have your cards printed you are ready to go and ship your calling cards to the distributor.

Virtual Calling Cards

The whole calling card business has changed enormously over the last few years. Many customers now top up on line and don't use actual cards. This means you don't need to worry about distribution and offering credit to resellers. As soon as your customer tops up their money is in your merchant account. No more witing months for distributors to pay their bills.

To go with on-line top ups you can offer your customers the option of using SIP software from their PC or smart phone. This option is convenient for the customer as they dont need to call an acess number first. It also means the customer saves even more money. Our platform works with all of the popular SoftPhones such as x-Lite, but if you would like we can create your own branded SIP software. Please call us for more details.