Telecoms solutions for the real world:

  • Chat, Voice & VIdeo solutions for iPhone & Android platforms
  • UK & International numbering & Micropayment solutions with a variety of revenue options.
  • VIrtual Calling Cards
  • IVR systems with quality live and pre recorded content.
  • Consulting on Voice Infrastructure 
  • International Wholesale minutes
All the ingredients you need to make your ideas a reality.


We welcome enterprising people who have good business ideas, where we can add the missing INGREDIENTS. Whatever your background or industry expertise we will work with you to  launch a service.... quickly.

All you need is a good idea, we have the ability to make it in to a reality. We can assist you with everything from business planning to technical design. We can even help you with the marketing plan.

Ideas Development

Building The Future of Telecoms Today

One of the most exciting parts of our business is building Social Network solutions based on the Android and iPhone platforms. These can be anything from a simple mobile chat aplication to a fully integrated Voice, Video & Text platform with your own customised applications included. Our platform is a sophisticated white label solution that can be rapidly rolled out to millions of subscribers!! 

As well as designing and building solutions we often consult on large international telecoms projects such as International Voice Networks and Satellite Infrastructure. We can either provide consulting as a stand alone service or work alongside our client's in-house IT team to provide specific skills as part of a much larger project.

Telecoms is about more than just a number!

Whether we are calling banks, mobile phone companies or even government departments we all face navigating through an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). Bellingham work with our customers to improve their client's experience of contacting their call centres. We can offer an independent view on how you interact with your customers. The aim is to improve your customer interaction and maximise the revenue from each call.

Number Solutions

Whatever type of number your business needs we can supply it to you. 

Geographic: 01 or 02
Personal: 070x
NonGeo: 084x, 087x, 0800
Premium: 090, 094 etc.

UK Numbers

Social Networking

This is an exciting new area of development for anyone with a large customer base. We have a white label platform that gives you the opportunity to become the next Skype or WhatsApp. We offer PC, Mac iPhone & Android support.

  • Video/Voice Calling
  • Conferences Calls
  • File transfer
  • Real time chat
  • Your Special Feature

iVR Content

Our IVR platform aggregates a wide variety of quality live and pre-recorded content. This can  be customised for your own usage.

  • Football, Cricket, Rugby
  • Chat Lines
  • Horoscopes