International Numbers (IPRS)

What is IPRS

Premium rate telephone services are very popular in Europe and America and they are used for everything from TV voting lines to chat and information services. They will usually be charged on a per minute basis although some types of numbers also have a call connection charge. Premium rate services are sometimes knows as Micropayments and are one of the easiest ways to collect small payments from large numbers of customers without the need of a direct billing relationship.

Unfortunately most Middle Eastern and African countries do not offer “Premium Rate” telephone numbers. Therefore the TV stations and service promoters negotiate contracts, through companies such as Bellingham. We then provide them with telephone numbers from other countries where the costs of calls are high. The numbers used are all authorised by the range holders and each campaign is verified to ensure it meets the required criteria. IPRS therefore refers to telephone numbers that are set up with the specific purpose of being advertised in other countries to derive revenue for the payment of services.

Who can use IPRS numbers

The ranges that we have each have stringent terms and conditions attached to them. If you have a service that requires IPRS numbers then please get in touch with us. We will require the following information before we can consider offering numbers to you.

  • Full description of your service.
  • Details and examples of how your service is advertised currently. 
  • Link to the websie where the service is poromoted.
  • Test number where we can call in and verify the service
  • Estimated call volume and maximum cioncurrent calls.
  • Region or counbtries where you will promote the service.
If all of the above information checks out then we can enter into to a contract with you. Part of the contract process includes completeing  a Know Your Client pack (KYC).