SMS services

Numbers enabled for SMS

Bellingham is one of the few operators that has UK numbers that have been enabled to receive SMS. We can offer inbound SMS on the following types of numbers.

  • VIrtual mobile 074181xxxxx
  • Geographical, London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.
  • Non Geo - 084xx or 087xx
  • Freephone - 08000 or 0808
  • Premium rate - 09xxxxx
We can present your inbound SMS in various different ways depending on how you wish to use the numbers.

  • Text 2 Voice: Whenever you receive an SMS your phone will ring and you will hear the SMS read out to you.
  • SMS divert: You can specify a mobile phone where your SMS are delivered to.
  • SMS 2 Email: We can send your SMS to an email address.
  • API: You can directly take SMS's from our servers and import into other applications or Databases.



We offer some SMS number ranges that will offer small out payments. These can be used to run competitions which are often very popular amongst young people. The advantage of these cometitions is most people either have unlimited SMS bundles or very large allowances. So effeectively it means that entering the competition is free.


Short Codes

We can also suply either a dedicated or shared short code for you to use to promote your service.