UK Numbers

Types Of numbers

Bellingham has allocations of numbering from OFCOM, the UK regulator, in the following categories.

  • Premium Rate - up to £5 per minute. 09xxx
  • NGN Pay Per Minute (PPM) - 0843, 0845, 0871, 0872 up to 13p minute + network charges
  • NGN Pay Per Call (PPC) - 0843, 0845, 0871, 0872 up to 10p minute + network charges
  • Personal numbers - 070xx
  • Freephone - 08xxx
  • Virtual Mobile - 074xxx
  • Geographic - 01xx & 02xx

Using Bellingham's IVR servers

If you would like to offer Premium Rate services based on your own content, but do not have the equipment we can help. Our hosted solutions can be tailor made to provide anything from simple pre-recorded content to sophisitcated services offering live content and DB/ SMS integration.  We can typically get your IVR set up for you within 24 hours depending on the level of complexity.

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Our Network

At Bellingham we know how important telephone numbers are to your business. We have developed our network with redundancy in all of the key areas:

  • Dual switches with independant BT interconnects.
  • BGP routers with Multiple 1 gig links
  • Replicated Database servers.
  • Hosting in 2 separate data centres.
  • Multiple Voice blades in our IVR servers.

Call Charge Notification

In 2015 OFCOM changed the way that call charges were made up for callers when using Premium rate (09xx) and Non Geographic (08xx) numbers. Charges to the caller are now split into 2 parts:

Service Charge: This is the charge that the company advertising the service receives. In most cases part of this fee goes to BT and the network that is hosting the number.
Network Access Charge (NAC): This is the charge that the network operator charges the caller to access a particular type of service. On Vodafone you might call an 0872 number with a 40p Network Access Charge and a 10p Service Charge to the service provider giving a call charge of 50p per minute. 

It is a requirement for all service providers to clearly state what the charges to caller are. This should be included in all advertising and be played at the start of each call. A typical message might be "Calls to this number are charged at 10p per minute plus network access charges"

Test Numbers

If you have your own equipment and would like to test some of our numbers then give us a call on 0207 183 6226 and we will provide you with the User Name & Password to access our latest list of test numbers.

Test Numbers


The first step for new clients is to fill in one of our Know Your Client (KYC) forms. We will then issue you with a draft contract. This is a fairly fast process and we can usually provide you with your contract within 24 hours of receiving your KYC.

As soon as your signed contract is returned we will issue your live numbers. Finally before your service goes live you must ensure your services are compliant with all of the UK telecoms legislation.

If you are planning to use premium rate numbers you will be required to register with PhonePayPlus. You must also make sure that you announce call charges on all calls and clearly state it in any adverts.

If you are in any doubt about what is required to operate a fully compliant service then just ask. We have years of experience advising service providers about UK telecoms legislation.

Number Allocation

Once you have your account set up with us, allocating new numbers is a fast and efficient porcess all you need to do is decide how many numbers you want and how you want them to be delivered to you.