IVR services


Bellingham has developed it's own IVR platform that is fully redundant which allows you to rapidly deploy Value Added Services without having to worry about the cost of buying your own platform. Standard features of our Platform include:
Chat rooms
  • Live feeds for commentary services
  • Pre-recorded content
  • Multi level voice menus - 
<Press 1 for Football>, 
<Press 2 for Cricket> etc.
  • Voice message system
Using these standard features you can build fairly sophisticated services of your own. All you need to do is provide the content and go out there and do the marketing. We will do all of the rest. 

Horse Racing TIps
A typical application might be a Horcse racing expert who wants to launch a Tippster service. We would set up the following for you.
  • 1 IVR system with 20 entry points via separate dial in numbers
    • 20 numbers, 1 for each of the main race meets in the UK 
    • 1 central number listing out of your tips for the day in a sinlge listing.
    • 1 Admin number allowing you to call in and re-record the files remotely
    • 1 FTP account allowing you to pre-record the voice files and drag and drop to your service.
  • Web based stats screen, so you can see how many calls to your service.
Daily workload required to operate this would be no more than 30 minutes, plus however long it takes to write the Tippster content.

Value Added Content

If you do not have any of your own content but you do have a pre-existing customer base then why not build your own branded services based on our premium content:

  • English Premier League, European Football, Champions league etc.
  • Cricket, Rugby, Horse Racing, Olympic Games
  • Chat lines
  • Competitions
  • Horoscopes
  • News
We offer these services in a variety of languages so please give us a call on +44 (0) 207 183 6226 to discuss. When you use our content all you need to do is go out there and promote your service. Your white label service will be fully customised and branded with your company name.

Customer Hosted IVR servers

If you like our IVR services but need to have your own IVR servers for security or other reasons we can develop services for you and deploy the servers in your own Data Centre. You will then be granted  a usage license for the platform. We can either fully support your servers or offer training to your own in house IT team.

Custom Features.

Our platform has the ability to aply logic rules from a database to each incomming call, we can integrate this logic with SMS to allow a wide variety of extra functionality to be created. This type of feature is bespoke and will be individualy written to your requirements. Examples of features include:

  • SMS or eMail notifications of content updates
  • Premium SMS to buy credits for other services
  • Drop charge numbers to send credit to your website for purchase of other services.
  • Notification of Voicemails received for dating IVR
The possibilities are pretty endless so give us a call and we can discuss what you require.

Replacing Legacy End of Live IVR's

The growth in usage of IVR Systems over the last 10 years has been phenomenal. But this does mean that some IT / Telecoms mangers are starting to face a dilemma. The platforms that they are using are longer supported by the manufacturer and are rapidly approachimg end of life. In many cases the cost to replace these systems runs in to £100,000's. Typically the choices have been limited. Bellingham are able to offer a 3rd option.

Provide us with a flow chart of your current systems logic along with the voice files that you use in your current system and we can build you a fully hosted IVR solution with no CAPEX. The entire cost to run the system can be aplied as a monthly cost per channel.