Track record in wholesale

Our team have been involved in wholesale of international minutes for over 20 years. Amongst them we have some of the pioneers of the VoIP industry. From a very early stage our team realised that VoIP offered a way to reduce the cost paid for minutes into hard to reach destinations such as Africa and the Middle East. VoIP has enabled us to reduce the overal cost to many of the more expensive destinations, this has benefited both our own retail clients and those of our Wholesale clients. As we have have our own retail clients we understand just how important the quality of a route is, there is no point having the cheapest route to a destination if all that happens is you get 100's of calls to your support lines.

Speed of deployment

In order to ensure our ability to maximise any wholesale opportunity each of our team members is able to add new routes and destinations with just a few clicks of the mouse. Unlike some carriers all of our team can test a route for voice quality using a dedicated test phone on their desk. We also provide a them with a SIP client on their smart phones to ensure wherever they are 24/7 they can make test call or add a new route to our LCR Plan (Least Cost Routing). 

Our Network

Joint Ventures

Over the years we have set up many JV's with small operators that have a good value route to a limited number of destinations. The sort of support we have offered in the past includes:

  • Providing termination equipment such as GSM gateways and CISCO equipment
  • Managing switches 
  • Providing statistical analysis
  • Financing
  • Running NOC services.
We have run joint Ventures in countries such as Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Chad, Ukraine, Germany, Philipines, Iran, Algeria to name but a few.

New Business

If you would like to talk to one of our team about International Wholesale opportunites then please call +44(0) 20 7183 6226. We are always happy to talk to suppliers, however small you are even if you only have a single destination.